Rhonna iOS app

I take a ridiculous amount of photos (as regular readers of this blog can attest)!

I also keep a very funky Trello board with all my workouts logged on it.

Now, my Trello board is fine, because the card title is always set to the workout that I did, but there's no way to know in Google Photos, which workouts are which!

I downloaded Rhonna ages ago, as I really like how it looks and feels, although recently it could do with an update because it's sooooooo slow to do anything, but anyway, I still like how it looks.

This gives me all the information that I want from the workout, but nothing about what it actually was!

This gives me all the information AND tells me which workout & release it was - Body Scan + BodyBalance 77 meditation - which is a lot more useful!

It's even better when you do multiple screenshots for each workout:

Being able to add any and all information that I want means that when I look at either Apple Photos or Google Photos, I'm not trying to guess what I did! I've also used Rhonna to add the date to the pictures (if they don't already have it), then even if the pictures ended up being jumbled, it doesn't matter because I know if they're in the wrong place, by looking at the date.

This is such a simple thing, but it's really made me appreciate what my body can do, because each time I work out, I spend a few minutes afterwards taking the screenshots and editing them so that I know what I did.

When I was setting up my Trello board there were workouts from last year and the year before that I'm clueless about! Because we were at our local gym, I can tell what the programme was (Sh'BAM, BodyJam, BodyPump etc.) but I couldn't say what the release was, which is a bit of a pain, but there's nothing I can do about it now!

I also have different fonts set (in my head at least) for the different workouts, so that's another way that I can distinguish between the different workouts.

I love Colette for Sh'BAM, I'm in love with that font, and American Typewriter for BodyPump. I have a few others that I cycle between for the other workouts.