2020 Plans & Review

It's 21 December 2019, so I thought it was a good plan to start writing down some goals and plans for 2020.

A load of videos that I've been watching on YouTube recently recommend that writing down goals makes people better at keeping them. While I have a Trello board for this for my personal use, I thought that it might be a good plan to put them here as well. Then, at the end of the year, I can look back and see what I planned compared to what I did and what I need to improve on in 2021.

I can also look through this throughout the year and either tick things off that I've done, or add more when they occur.

2020 Plans

Fitness Goals for 2020

I've decided I'm going to do my goals in a 3 month cycle and not using collapsible text so that I can see it all. By doing it this way, I can add and amend as I go through the year, rather than having to change months in advance if I achieve the goal really early and having to work out what the hell I'm doing!

Remembering that I'm not going to weigh myself or anything like that because this isn't about losing weight, it's about being healthier and fitter.

This is what January-March 2020 looks like at work. I'm working on the yellow days and not on the grey days. I thought it might be a plan to have a visual reference here so that I can see it instantly!

January 2020

Because I'm getting back into fitness, and I've had to completely rethink my fitness routine, I want to take January 2020 to try and workout every day and to discover what works for me. I'm thinking I might want to start weights again now (December 2019), and then in January try and do weights once every 6 day cycle. I also want to focus on meditation whenever possible and try and Sh'BAM 3 times in a 6 day cycle to start with.

  • Day 1 - Work - meditation
  • Day 2 - Work - meditation
  • Day 3 - Work - Body Pump
  • Day 4 - Off - Sh'BAM
  • Day 5 - Off - Sh'BAM
  • Day 6 - Off - Sh'BAM

Ideally I'd like to work up to being able to do a 55 minute Body Pump session once in the 6 day cycle, but I know at the moment that's not possible. I'm going to start small and work up to it.

This is my possible January 2020 plan as of my time of writing, 21 December 2019. None of these have to be the full 45 minutes of Sh'BAM and the full 55 minutes of BodyPump, so I can play around with them to make them fit whatever else I have going on at the time. I think what I'd like to do, is colour them in once I've done them and then add the rainbow version below this one so that I can see what I planned and what I actually did, I think that would be kind fun!

February 2020

In February 2020 I'd like to be able to do 2 x 30 minutes of Body Pump, on my last work day and on my last off day.

March 2020

Personal Development Goals for 2020

MSc Psychology

I'm expecting my dissertation mark back on 6th January 2020, according to my dissertation supervisor, although that's an estimated date and could change. It definitely won't be before that I wouldn't have thought because the University is on Christmas Holiday now. From there (getting my dissertation mark), I can work out what my overall MSc Psychology classification should be, and then I just have to wait until they release my classification to see if they match up!

Although this isn't really a plan or a goal, because there's nothing I can do about it (as I've already handed everything in), it's still something that's important and worthy of being included in this plan.

I found a great website that allows you to add in all your marks and weightings and it'll work out what your overall mark should be. I have worked out that to be able to get a distinction for my whole MSc, I have to have 75.6 in my dissertation. For 20% of this (the dissertation proposal) I got 65%, so the chances of me getting 75.6% overall, unless my whole dissertation is over 80%, is pretty slim. But I'd be happy with a pass and over the moon with a merit!