Plus Size Princess' Blog

Even though I have been into fitness for a long time, it wasn't until July 2019 that I realised what kind of impact NOT going to the gym was having on my mental and emotional wellbeing (remembering that I'm not interested in weight loss here!).

I decided that needed to change, and we signed up for the monthly LMOD again.

Generally I take 4 photos per day of what I've done:

  • I take a photo of the Apple Activity screen
  • Another of the Heart Watch Activity Screen
  • Then I click on the Heart Watch Activity section and grab an image of the metrics
  • Then the following morning I take another of the Apple Health app, and crop to just the black section at the top to show my Activity for the previous day.

Where possible, I will add all the photos to my blog for the day. Please remember, that this blog is in addition to everything else in my life, and there might be days or even weeks, where I either don't have time to post, or forget (I'm human after all!). I will also try to stay accountable, and on days where I didn't work out, I will still attempt to add a blog entry with an explanation, this is both for you dear reader, and myself.

Because I want to be able to add things here whenever I like, I have split this page into sub-pages so that I can have one per month, which I think will work a lot better than having them all under here in a great long list!