How we lost a bedroom and gained a gym

In April 2018, we had snow days and the gym was closed...this was not happening in Esme-Land!

To be honest, even if the gym had been open it wouldn't have made a difference, because we couldn't get up our front steps, let alone off our street! It still amazes me that in the UK we get the teeniest bit of slush and everything grinds to a halt!

So, couldn't get to the gym, this was not acceptable to me! So I was chatting with my Sh'BAM instructor at the gym via Facebook, and she mentioned that Les Mills have an On Demand service, that has a free trial period which should get me through the gym not being open, and then I could get back to the gym when the UK decided to start moving again.

So we signed up for the free trial, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, Sh'BAM (#shbamgirl here), so I cleared some space in the dining room and got ma groove on!

The snow cleared and we went back to the gym, sort of...we ended up paying the £80 a month to go to the gym and going about once every 2 weeks. The classes didn't fit with my ever-changing schedule, and it ended up being a waste of fuel to go, even though we could afford the gym, the fuel when I wasn't working in that part of the city, or worse not at work that day at all, meant that it was costing a fortune to be able to go to the gym.

What we bought

We worked out how much it would cost us to have LMOD at home and to buy things that we needed to make the most of the LMOD subscription. The annual LMOD payment for the first year was around £95, so for a whole year, it was costing £15 more than the gym cost for a month - sort of a no brainer there!

Then we went shopping! We knew that for Sh'BAM we didn't need to buy anything (as Racheal says - 'all you need is a towel, water bottle and a smile'), but for BodyPump we needed to have a few essentials to be able to make it work. We ended up buying these:

So we spent (gets calculator out) £123.88 on gym equipment to be able to do BodyPump. Meaning the costs to this point were £95 for a year of LMOD and £123.88 for the equipment. I will stress that this equipment was bought in August 2018 and nothing needs to be replaced or has worn out in a year (I'm writing this on Friday 16th August 2019). So for a whole year, we would have paid £960 for the gym membership + fuel, when we actually paid £218.88 with no fuel at all! This was a minimum saving in the first year of £741.12, which isn't to be sneezed at!

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Making the home gym

At the time, our bedroom had no clothes in it, we had all our clothes in the back bedroom (read: box room) as a sort of walk in wardrobe, which was great, but things needed to change! The dining room worked for a while, but because anyone who comes into our house, or comes downstairs from upstairs has to come through the dining room, meant that we couldn't workout whenever we wanted in case someone wanted to come downstairs or someone knocked on the front door. So I had enough of that rather quickly, because I couldn't work out whenever I wanted to, even if everyone was downstairs, if someone needed the loo (these things happen!) then I would have to be disrupted during a workout, and that meant that there were more reasons to avoid working out.

So I realised that it wasn't going to work, and there was nowhere else in the house that would have been more suitable. However, when I looked at our bedroom and scaled down things that we didn't use and did a general declutter, we worked out that the clothes units in the back bedroom would fit quite happily in our bedroom, and so the room swapping ensued!

We decluttered our bedroom and donated the units we'd used in our bedroom previously but didn't need anymore, to charity. Then we moved the units from the back bedroom into our bedroom and decluttered those along the way. Once the units were in our bedroom, we had one unit left in the back bedroom. Mother had an old TV behind the sofa in her house that she didn't want anymore and hadn't got around to donating, so we swiped that and bought another Amazon Fire Stick for the LMOD app. The new Fire Stick was the newer one with Alexa, so we put the new one in the TV in the lounge and the old one into the old TV and put it on the unit in the gym. We bought a double pack because Mother wanted one as well, so rather than paying £39.99 each, we paid £39.99 for both of them. Obviously, then downloaded LMOD onto the Amazon Fire Stick and we were good to go!

And that's how we lost a bedroom and gained a gym!

The gym isn't used for anything else at all, except to put clothes on the airer when they can't go in the tumble dryer. We don't store clothes or anything in there at all. It was important to us that it should be as easy as possible to work out, putting a load of things in there that need to be moved every time you want to work out, means more excuses to not get up there and do it. So it was important to us that nothing goes in there that needs to be moved! I changed my washing routine as well, meaning that we only need to have half the airer out at any one time, so most of the time, you don't even know it's there and it doesn't interfere with even the largest Sh'BAM dance moves!

Increase in LMOD subscription - August 2019

This year, I will add, my subscription has increased to £131 per year from £95 for the first year, but we opted for their monthly subscription. We did this mainly in case we got into the same situation as before where we weren't using it, we didn't want to have a massive annual payment that was sitting there doing bugger all. We'd much rather do it monthly, then if we don't use it, we can cancel it again.

So the monthly subscription for us is £11.95 a month - significantly cheaper than £80 at the gym! And although some companies charge a lot less for annual payments than monthly, paying monthly only costs £12.36 more in a year, so it's not bad really.

When you consider that's £12 a month, to spend on your health, that's a price I can definitely live with! Remembering that it's not just me who uses it, Hubster works out as well, so we both get the workouts that we want, when we want, how we want (there are iPhone and iPad apps) for £6 a month each, no problem there! You'd spend more than £12 a month on coffee in some cases (or in my case, on orchids!).