How my love of Les Mills started

OMG - Les Mills changed my life - honestly


First things first - Les Mills in gyms is a group exercise class. There has been lots of research about the benefits of working out in a group, I won't bother to mention them all here, but just Google it if you want to know more! Depending on the class and depending on what room it's in and what time of day and things like that, depends on how many people you'll be working out with.

So, we started with a 60m BodyBalance, please, for the love of (insert chosen deity here) DO NOT start with this! DOMS for days! Like seriously, couldn't sit on the loo without screaming, it was not good!

So I started to look around at other things that we could do, either together or separately. I love group workouts, Hubster, not so much! But we decided that we'd try BodyPump #gottalovethepump #bodypumpgirl #bodypumpforlife, and I can honestly say, this class changed my life!

I never thought that I would like weights or a weights workout, let alone a group weights workout, when you think everyone is judging you because you have 1.25kg on each end of the bar and you're struggling, but honestly, no one is looking at you, no one cares, they're there to exercise themselves, they don't care what you're lifting or not, they don't care if you have to drop your weights halfway through the squat track and carry on with bodyweight, no one cares and no one is looking at you! But this is difficult to get through your head, and some people never like it because they're judging themselves and comparing themselves to someone else in the class, and that's never good.

So, my weights workouts were sorted - BodyPump 3 times a week; Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday morning.

Then I had to look at cardio. This was a tough one for me, because I've never been a runner, and I've already said I hate the treadmill, so I was seriously lacking in ideas for cardio. To be honest, I love the recumbent bike but that gets very samey day in day out!

So Les Mills in the gym has a lot of cardio options; there's Sh'BAM (dance), BodyJam (dance), BodyCombat (mixed martial arts), BodyAttack (track & field), GRIT (HIIT), BodyStep (erm, step!), and lots of others, but having seen a few classes through the studio window while I was waiting for my class to start, nothing took my fancy.

Then I booked myself into a Sh'BAM class and I am definitely a #shbamgirlforlife. Everything changed when I started Sh'BAM #loverachaelnewsham. The energy is amazing, the tracks are great, it's great cardio even though you don't know it while you're doing it, it's just a great, fun workout where the motto is 'anything goes and everything's encouraged' and I utterly love it. Sh'BAM is usually 8 tracks, plus a warmup and cool down and lasts 45 minutes. Each track is usually a completely separate routine than the others, although some feet movements etc show up in various tracks through the class. The cool down and warmup usually have elements of the rest of the class in them as well.

So with that under my belt, I saw that there was another class in the gym - BodyJam which was an hour class. This is sort of the same as Sh'BAM, but in Jam you have 2 routines through the whole class. What I mean by that is each track will give you a different section of the big routine, that you do on track 5 or 6, so there's smaller individual tracks that give you some of the moves, and then you put them altogether in one track, then repeat for the second half of the class. There's a lot more to remember in BodyJam, because you have 5 tracks worth of moves in one track, which can get very confusing (speaking from experience here!).

I did BodyCombat once and thought I was going to die! Hubster loves it, but it's not top of my things to do! I'm sure that I'll get back to it at some point, but for now, no thanks!

For clarification, my personal week is cardio 4 days a week and weights 3 days a week. That's what it's been for quite a while now, and it works for me, but that doesn't mean it's going to work for everyone. And my goal is 30 minutes a day, sometimes I do more, but the baseline that I want to achieve every day is 30 minutes.