How it all started

So I thought that I would give a bit of a background into how I ended up where I am!

Ok, so we've been members of various gyms with various levels of interaction. There's a gym in our city that's 24/7, no classes but loads of equipment, and we spent many hours on Friday nights in there because it was empty! That was, I believe, if memory serves, around £13.99 a month each, so £28 a month. The problem that we found with this gym was the parking! So parking for 2 hours, giving ourselves enough time to walk from the car park to the gym, have a decent workout, and then walk back to the car, was costing us £2.60 a day. Even if we were 1 minute over the 60 minutes, we had to pay for 2 hours, so that roughly equates to £13 a week if we went to the gym 5 times a week.

Do the maths:

  • £28 - gym
  • £52 = £13 x 4 - parking
  • £80

£80 a month to go to the gym 5 times a week?! That seemed a little expensive for what it was. It wasn't the nicest place in the world, it didn't seem to be overly clean, and the staff weren't exactly friendly. The comment that I had was that I should want to lose weight because I was fat - honestly - that was the comment that I got from a personal trainer there! I know that the personal trainers there want you to become a private client, but embarrassing me (which incidentally, didn't work) and fat shaming me (again, didn't work) into wanting to lose weight, is hardly the way to go!

So, we looked around for other places, and found a more expensive gym that was going to cost us £80 a month just for membership (for both of us), but it has free parking, was really no further away than the original and they had a pool (which the first didn't have). Hubster is a water-baby, and I love swimming, and they had aqua-fit classes, so I was sold straight away!

So we went for a 'meet & greet' and it was awesome, everyone was lovely and welcoming and everything was clean (which is important!) and more to the point, children were only allowed in the pool (not the gym) at specified class times for them, it's a cild friendly gym, but children aren't there all the time, which was important to us as well. So we signed up to an annual contract and got our swim on! We went onto the gym floor a few times, but nothing major, the big thing for us was the pool.

As I said, I went to the aqua-fit classes, but with working full-time, the only one I could go to was the Monday 6pm class, because the other 3 were between 9am and 5pm. But I trudged on with it! This new gym also offered Health MOTs, so we signed up for those as well and the trainer was again told that I have no interest in losing weight, which resulted in a completely different attitude. The questions that came after were to the tune of 'ok, so you want to get fitter then?' (to which the answer was 'yes') and 'are you interested in strength training?' (which I wasn't, my how things have changed!). I told him I wasn't interested in my BMI and he agreed that they were pointless, he was built (and I mean built) and his BMI was exactly the same as mine, which is just ridiculous, hence why he agreed that it was pointless and should never have been a 'thing' in the first place!

So for a while, we only did the aqua-fit class, well, I did the class and Hubster perved at me jumping up and down from his comfy spot in the hot tub, and then when I was looking through the timetables for the coming week, I started to pay attention to the other evening classes that we might be able to do.

I found that I was now a member of a gym where Les Mills classes happened daily, there were about 20 different classes on every day, and you could pick and choose which ones you wanted to do. But you had to book mega early for some of them, as in the moment they went live on the website, because they booked up almost instantly. I've never been a lover of the treadmill, I'd much rather walk around my neighbourhood, or drive to a nice park or reservoir or landmark and have a stroll there, walking on the treadmill doesn't get my anywhere! Remember, that this is personal preference, and if you enjoy letting off steam on the treadmill GO YOU!

So we took a few Les Mills classes and the rest is history!