My Story So Far

I am a Plus Size Princess, and I'm ok with that - really!

Ok, so here's the thing, I have no interest in losing weight, no seriously, no interest whatsoever.

I am not saying this for people to stroke my ego and tell me I'm beautiful or anything like that (I really don't care what people think, apart from Hubster!), I just don't have any interest in losing weight. Weight is a number on the scale, and I know that so many people say that, but it's true! Weight on a scale won't tell me my body fat %, it won't tell me my water weight and it won't tell me my muscle mass. It doesn't tell me any of that (well, mine does because we have the Fitbit Aria, which gives me my body fat %, but the majority don't).

BMI is a waste of time, it stands for body mass index - it doesn't count any of the individual things you want to know - like body fat % or muscle mass - it's just your weight, height and age - that's it! This website is helpful if you really want to know what makes up your BMI, but I've included it here for fullness, it's not something that I would ever look at, because I don't care!

My weight tells me nothing, it tells me how much I weigh and that's it. How is that important? It isn't to me. I workout 7 days a week and do weights 3 days a week, if anything, my weight is going to increase because I'm lifting weights 3 hours a week, and muscle is denser than fat. The scales don't tell me that I'm in a good mood because I upped my weights on the chest track, it doesn't tell me that I did a 55 minute BodyPump instead of a 30 minute one because I wasn't at work, it tells me nothing that I want or need to know!

Now, this is subjective, and there are loads of people who need to see the scales move to know that they're losing weight, and more power to them, but this isn't something that I honestly give a shit about!

I think a lot of the problems that people have is seeing the scale stay the same, even though they've worked out a million times. And there's a very simple reason for this, your fat has decreased but your muscle has increased, and that's why the scales aren't moving, or worse, going up! There are loads of pictures online of people at different stages of their fitness journey weighing exactly the same 6 or 12 months apart, but their body composition is totally different. They can weigh 148lbs at point 1 and 148lbs at point 2, weigh exactly the same, but look totally different, if you don't believe me, just have a quick Google!

So when I say that I don't have any interest in losing weight, I'm being totally honest. My fitness goals are to be fitter, healthier and stronger, fat loss (not weight loss - and that's an important distinction) will happen as a side effect of that without a shadow of a doubt, but I will not allow a number on a scale to be a goal.

August 2019 - Why I work out,

I work out every single day - honestly.

And I do this, not because I want to lose weight, but because I want to be fitter and stronger.

Weight loss will happen, almost as a side effect, but it ISN'T, NEVER HAS and WILL NEVER BE my primary motivation to work out.

Everyone should know by now that muscle is denser than fat, meaning as you get fitter and stronger, the scales may well go up and not down because you're building more muscle (especially if you're weight training).

I work out to get fitter and stronger, this is known in the fitness world as NSV - non scale victory. That's why I do it, I do it to see if I can lift more than I did last month, I do it to see if I can burn ore calories in Sh'BAM than I did last week. None of these goals have anything to do with a scale!

The only times I don't work out are when there is a medical reason not to (whether that's physical or mental), but 95% of the time, I work out every day.

August 2019 - When I work out

Right, I've been through every kind of workout schedule you can imagine!

I went through a period of going to classes in the gym after work every day. It didn't really matter what the class was, as long as I was in the gym very day. But with working Monday-Friday 9-5, getting to the gym for my class at 6, then getting showered and home, then having dinner, it was around 8pm before I could face my ever increasing pile uni work, this wasn't sustainable long term.

I did 2 classes in the gym back to back on a Saturday morning - because I could - Sh'BAM followed by BodyJam - every Saturday without fail.

I've done pure cardio in the gym.

I've done pure weights classes in the gym.

Now have LMOD at home and wouldn't change it for anything!

While I'm waiting for the next temporary contract to come my way, I decided work out at 5pm, because it made sense to do it when the agency wouldn't be getting hold of me and I wouldn't miss a phone call or email with the potential to earn money. This is because my Apple Watch (love that thing), puts my phone onto do not disturb while my watch is on a workout, no notifications happen and no phone calls come through. The problem with working out at 5pm, when you've got nothing going on during the day, is that you procrastinate ALL BLOODY DAY. I have mountains of uni work to get done. At the time of writing this, my 11,000 word dissertation is due in, in around 35 days, I have loads of shit that I should be doing. But because I knew I needed to stop at 5pm to go to the gym I couldn't concentrate on uni work because I didn't want to get stuck into something that I knew I would have to stop at 5 to go and work out.

What happened, more often than not, was that I would do bugger all all day, feel really bad that I'd done literally nothing all day, and then felt too down to go to the gym at 5! So most days, absolutely nothing got done! Again, this wasn't feasible, because not only was I not doing my uni work when I had ALL DAY to be able to do it, I then felt so bad about that that I didn't go to the gym either!

August 2019 - Something needed to change

I've never been a morning person, like, ever! But I was talking to my father-in-law about how pissed off I was getting because I was doing nothing all day and then not being able to work out, and he was telling me about his time in the services, where you exercised first thing in the morning before anything else. And something just clicked in my head, I don't have a clue what happened, but I decided then and there to workout BEFORE anything else.

When I say before anything else, I mean before anything else!

So, right now, while I'm either waiting for temporary work to come in, or I'm not working, I get up at 6. Between 6am-7am I have a coffee, deal with the dogs, sort through my email and things like that. I'm upstairs by 6:50 to go to the loo and sort the iPad out with the workout that I want to do, and then 7am I'm in the gym. I do whatever workout I should be doing on that day, when I've finished I post to Instagram and that automatically posts to my Facebook, then I get into the shower and I'm back downstairs having breakfast by 8:10am, ready to take on the day.

By doing this, I get my 'me time' out of the way before any twatwaffle wants to ruin it for me. Before the family need anything (because they're all still asleep), before work needs anything (because I would assume they're not in the office at 7am!). Doing it this way, at this time in the morning means that if I have a crap day at work (when I go back to work), or if something goes wrong with my timings and the time that I should have been working out suddenly gets booked up with a family member needing something, it doesn't matter. Unless something goes drastically wrong in the family, it's very unlikely that I'm needed between 7am-7:45am when my phone is on do not disturb (even though my family are in my favourites so their calls will come through regardless), but generally if I exercise at 7am, I'm pretty safe!

I can't count the amount of times I've been at work and something or someone has pissed me off, and when it comes time to go to the gym I'm just not in the mood anymore! Everything in a day will impact on something else, so I start my day with a workout so that 1. I know I've done it, 2. It makes my day go better because I know I've achieved something before anyone else is up and 3. Because I have that sense of achievement and accomplishment for the whole day, which 4. Means that if someone does piss me off during the day, I can either deal with that person better and not take their head off, or it doesn't bother me at all because I'm in a better frame of mind generally.

To make sure that nothing can put me off, I exercise BEFORE anything bad can happen! That's my whole rationale for working out first thing, do it before anyone or anything can bugger with it!

Should my job change and I need to be at work earlier, then I will get up at 5am to make sure that I can still work out before the rest of my day happens. Yes it means going to bed around 8:30pm (at the moment I'm in bed for around 9:30pm), being up at 5am and not 6am, and being in the gym for 6am and not 7am, but I'm ok with that as well. I think, somehow, my priorities have shifted significantly, and because I put my fitness and strength above everything at 7am (because nothing else really needs my attention at that time in the morning, so I don't feel like I'm being selfish), I start the day knowing that I've achieved my fitness goal for the day and can then be a wife, mother, daughter, student, colleague and all the other things that I have to be during the day.

I've never been a morning person, I'm 39 and have never liked early mornings, even when I was going to bed at 9:30, I hated getting up in the morning. But something has flipped in my head, and I love being able to do something for me first thing in the morning before anything else demands my time. I don't know what happened, or how, but I love that it has!