Amazing YouTube Videos

There are a lot of YouTube videos and other resources for the curvy person, whether you choose to embrace your size or try and cope with it the best you can. I've tried to include inspiring videos that I have found oodles of value in (or have just given me a good talking to when I needed it!), so that other people can take inspiration, self-love, self-care tips, tricks and hacks from the range of wonderful content creators that inspire me!

I absolutely love Shaylee and her approach to pretty much everything, and this video is no exception!

In this video she shares some amazing curvy life hacks and things that I'd never thought of and I'm in love with her term 'chubb rub' - utterly wonderful!

Shaylee is very much a real plus size woman, and just 'gets me' - totally and completely!

She has 85k YT subscribers and it's easy to see why! Check out her YouTube, her Facebook, her Insta @shayleemeurer or check out her tweets! Go and show her some love!