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Thank you for checking out the Plus Size Princess Project, where I discuss all things plus size and fitness, and pretty much everything else in between!

Everything that I do in my life, I would like to think is part of a larger 'project' and the Plus Size Princess Project was born. I am not a project to be completed, I have different facets of my personality that I am working on at different times, and while I can't put my life in a single Trello board to be managed (I have multiple Trello boards to manage my life!), I still see that I am something that needs to be worked on every day. No day will look exactly the same as the next, and that's ok. I will continue to work on myself for myself and my family, so that I do whatever I can to make sure that I am a good person, wife, daughter and friend to those who mean the most to me.

This website is purely my written blog, I will be sharing personal stories and insights as I start to take my health and wellbeing more seriously as I approach 40. I will share amazing YouTube videos that I have personally found value in, or have spoken directly to me and where I was at that time. As you read this website, please remember that this is a blog and not meant in any way to promote a fitness routine, or lifestyle or anything like that. Every word written on this website is my own (unless I have indicated that it's a direct quote from someone else, where I will link the original post/video), and is my own personal opinion and feelings on an event or time in my life and should not be seen as a promotion of anything external. This is me, raw and bare (metaphorically obviously!) and these are my thoughts day to day.

I won't just be blogging about fitness and health for the Plus Size Princess or Prince (or whatever gender you associate with when you're reading this), this will probably end up as a more ranting/rambling blog about everything that I can't put on my Tiny Tech Tips website. You have been warned!

I have chosen to have a Google Site rather than a Blogger, as there are mumblings on the internet that Google may be removing Blogger as a blogging platform by 2021, so I chose to have a Google Site so that I don't lose my work (read: ramblings) if/when Google remove Blogger. Of course there is a chance that Google can remove Sites, so I'll have to cross that bridge when I get there, but of course, I'm backing up all my written work on Google Drive in the right folder so that if the worse does happen, I still have a copy. I have also chosen Google Sites as it's free, and we're all about the free here (see my Tiny Tech Tips website for more information of what I pay for and what I don't and why)! I know that some people on the internet have criticised the limitations that Google place on Sites, and that you can't make it how you want it to look, and I totally get that. But right now, I want to get some experience of writing a blog (as well as my technology focused website) before I look at anything more expensive. That might come in time, but for now, Google Sites will do me just fine, and personally, yes there are only 5 themes, but that doesn't mean you can't make it your own and I think this version that I've created looks so pretty and is totally me!

For more information on how to set up a free Google Site, please check out this page on my other website, where I have given instructions and videos that I found very useful.

I have an Instagram and Facebook page where I upload inspiration and my daily workouts as well, but I must stress, I am a PLUS SIZE almost 40 year old woman, and I'm ok with that, seriously! As I have an Instagram and a Facebook page which are the basis of this website and give the basic information (mainly Apple Activity screenshots and #allthehashtags), feel free to check them out. I wanted this site to be a companion to those, and while this site will go into much more detail, you can get an overview in each of those if you'd rather just look at the pictures rather than reading a million lines of me rambling on about how good or bad my workout was! I will point out that when I post to Instagram, it auto-posts to Facebook, so both platforms should look about the same, so don't feel that you have to check out both!

I manage another website, Esme's Tiny Tech Tips, where I discuss the technology that I use and find value in and that adds to my life. While this isn't strictly part of the PSPP, I feel that it is a massive part of my life (the tech, not the website) and I want to be able to grow my website as I embark on new challenges in my life and get to grips with how new and old technology can help me to be the best version of myself every day.

We can't ignore how technology is shaping the fitness industry, personally I have an Apple Watch Series 3 (because it's waterproof and at the time we were swimming a lot) and use it to track my whole day (apart from an hour ish in the morning when it's on charge) and to track my workouts. Therefore, there may be some overlap between the two websites, but I will try to remember to indicate where I have cross-posted! This is in no way me saying that everyone needs an Apple Watch, but for me, it's great!

As with all the pages on this website, the banner photo is from Alexandra Seinet on Unsplash. I believe in giving full credit where I have used something that isn't mine, or it's open source, so I have added credits to the footer on every page. I wouldn't like anyone to share work that was mine and not giving credit, so I personally wouldn't do that to someone else. I believe that you do yourself a disservice when you pass work off as your own when it isn't, and in the long run, it'll most likely get you into trouble! There's no way that I could take a photo as gorgeous as the one I use in my banner, logo and favicon, and while I don't strictly have to credit the creator, I chose to, and I would highly recommend that if you're using something that you haven't created but you're technically 'allowed' to, give the content creator some respect and put a couple of links to their socials and give credit where it's due!

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Important Announcement from Esme 21 August 2019!

I just thought that I would pen a quick note to say that my dissertation for my MSc Psychology is due to be handed in on 20 September, that's 30 days away - panic stations!

I won't be updating this website significantly between now and then, because all my time has to be focused on my uni work, as well as starting my new job week beginning 2nd September!

Feel free to look around the site as it stands, but I just thought that I would let people know that uni work must come first! I'll still be jotting down notes in my format of choice (read: Trello - obviously) so that I can upload them when my dissertation is handed in, but there won't be significant changes and additions to this website until uni is done!